Find Your Missing Piece by Doing What You Enjoy

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Helping my Mum with her puzzles as a child is a happy memory, I would be in awe as to how quickly she would find the pieces and put them in their space. She would casually place a piece next to a gap in the puzzle for me to add, so I could feel the sense of achievement, a gesture I have followed when my children help me now.

As a Mum and business owner, “wasting time” on a jigsaw puzzle is rare and usually only enjoyed during the Christmas holidays or when all my jobs are done, are they ever done? These were my own restrictions as I would feel guilty that I could be spending this time on Mum Stuff or Making Money.

Until chatting to a lady a few days ago (who I found out is a fellow puzzler, yay!) we were talking about the things we would do if we had the time, I explained my guilt when thinking about doing a jigsaw and she simply said “Why do you like them so much” after a bit of thought I said “Well, it relaxes me, I love the sense of organisation and achievement, my mind gets taken away, I feel happy”.

She casually said “Do you know how much a therapist would charge to make you feel those things?” I laughed as I knew exactly what she meant! What a Gem to carry with me.

If you are wondering, Yes, the lady I was speaking to is a Therapist. I could tell you so many “gems” she has given me.

Judy Hoskins from Mind Shift Coaching helps so many people in so many different ways. All members at her WIBN Groups love her and her Mind Shift Coaching is invaluable. Judy has a way of making you feel good about all the decisions you have made even when you didn’t feel happy with them yourself. She effortlessly shows you how to make your future better and How to Feel Good Fast. Thank you Judy Hoskins