Have you got a favourite piece of stationery?

I have always loved stationery, one of my favourite places as a child was "The Stationery Shop" in town. I would love looking at the rows and rows of pristine coloured pens. I would try them out on the ripped, scraggily piece of paper sitting on the edge of the stand.

One of my husband's first presents for me was a Parker pen with a pink case a gold lid, I still have it and I still love it, it's a special pen I use on special occasions. Since then he has bought me lots more, all of them special in their own individual way.

My husband got me a pen for my birthday!

I was telling a close friend what I got for my birthday, when I casually said "I got a Pen" in horror she said "a Pen? I would go mad if I got a pen from my husband". This got me thinking I can't be the only person who loves stationery, can I?

Getting my children prepared to go back to school brings back the warm memories of picking my special pens, pencils, pencil cases, note pad and the rest of the exciting things I "needed" to start my new year. I would spend ages organising which pen goes in which case and finding the "best" colours by writing my signature over and over comparing the colours. I watched my daughter do this the other day and felt her satisfaction as she got everything in order, all ready and perfect to start her new year.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out you can now buy highlighter pens that can be erased? I had to get them, so when a job has been done and you need to change the highlighted colour or you make a mistake you can erase it out! Well I was in heaven trying them out.

Have you got a favourite piece of stationery? Or am I on my own here?