My Husband laughs when I use the phonetic alphabet.

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One of my first jobs was working at a Car Auction, the use of the phonetic alphabet was standard practice. This has been something I have carried on to use and still after 12 Years and 12 months of marriage, my husband still looks at me with a smirk in the same way he did when he first heard me say my postcode over the phone using the phonetic alphabet.

It has become natural for me to automatically turn away from him when I’m about to say anything in this way before he peers over and pulls “that face” the one that says “Ooooo look at you!”.

It does save confusion, when quoting letters over the phone, a postcode, an email address. I was on a call the other day with a client and she was reading out a code I needed to take from her and her phonetic alphabet was brilliant, it including H for Hello, S for Smile and Y for Yippee.

Who else uses the phonetic alphabet? Do you have your own one? Or do you make it up as you go along?