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Admin Services Essex

Who has had that Big Idea or that little nugget of information that could help your business grow, only for other things to get in the way and it gets forgotten?

Being a business owner comes with all sorts of responsibility and decision making, new ideas are being pushed your way to help your business grow but how can you keep up with it all.

Most people I speak to struggle with their social media posts and keeping consistent. They have all had that Big idea which they do for a couple of days and then the momentum drops and that Big Idea gets lost.

Don’t be that person that posts all of the time and then vanishes, only to come back a few months later when things have quietened down. This gets people wondering about you in the wrong way, somebody may have been watching your posts and just as they are about to contact you, you disappear and they look for someone else to do the work instead.

By staying consistent, not only are you staying in the front of people’s minds you are staying relevant and keeping your customers wondering about you for the right reasons.

There is no magic formula as to how often you should post on your social media, I think the most important thing is to at least post regularly, even if it is once a week, so when a potential client, customer or new connection looks at your profile they will see you are active. If your last post is 3 years ago this will make them wonder if you are even trading anymore.

If you find yourself having those great ideas and haven’t got the time to put them into action, please get in touch and we will get a strategy in place so you can stay active online whilst you carry on doing the job you trained for…

I am here to listen to your ideas and act on them so you can get back to the jobs you enjoy. I wouldn’t attempt to fix my electrics in my house, I would get an electrician, so why not get someone else to do your admin…