You've been Networking but what do you do with the Business Cards & Attendance Sheets?

admin support, Chelsmford

So, you have signed up and paid for the networking event, you have spent time preparing your pitch, making it interesting and engaging and off you go either virtually or in person.

Your pitch goes great, you make some potentially brilliant connections, you even make notes on the business card or attendance sheet about each person. Notes on what you spoke about, how you can help, how they can help you, who you can introduce to them. You leave with lots of future 121’s, possible clients or collaborations, You have a Great time, then what do you do?

What do you do with those new business cards do they get stuffed into “that draw” you know, the one that you will definitely sort out tomorrow or do you strategically place them on your continuously growing To Do pile? All waiting for that day that it all gets too much and it all ends up in the bin. What happens to the emailed attendance sheet, does it even get opened?

I have been given many boxes full of business cards from clients, saying “I’ve been meaning to connect with these people and add them to my CRM for months, I can’t even remember where I met them now?” Only to find some of these connections would have been extremely valuable in many ways.

With most networking events being online now, it has been even easier for my clients to forward their attendance sheets to me, or some print it off, write all over it, take a photo and send it over to me. I will then connect with each one, with a personal message and add them to their contacts database.

I have helped many clients keep on top of their new networking connections and whilst these events are fresh in each of their minds, conversations are easier which can generate more opportunities.

The reason you attend these networking events is to make connections and show off your business, but the real business starts when you leave, why don’t you be the one to make the first move.
Get the most out of your networking, let me help you build your connections.